Beautiful Life
I love you. You love me.
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Nurul Aina Syamimie Samsudin
Muhammad Dzulhakimi Jamaludin
26/11/2010 at 2:10a.m.

26 April 2012
i fall in love with you again baybee @ 21:32
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Baby, one thing you have to know , i fall in love with you once again . Omaigod! how you do that? err' i hate you , haha! you always make me cant stop thinking about you baby . You the first thing i think when i wake up and the last thing i think before i go to sleep . You know? what already happened now, just forget it . I love you , you love me its easy right and we live happily together again ;) Im sorry for all my mistakes, i never bitchy again . Promise you for the last one . ILOVEYOU BABY :*

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